in my opinion worshiping God is more than something you must do, let it rather be something you want to do.

So many people worship God because it is required of them, many of us go to church just because it’s Sunday and Sunday automatically means we have to go to church even if we don’t want to go to church.

Worshiping God has to be more than a necessity, it has to be more than a requirement. worshiping God needs to come from our heartfelt desire, we have to desire that quiet time with him, we have to be eager to talk to him, we have to desire to be in his presence. Psalm 122:1 says I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the lord. so therefore We have to be glad and filled with Joy because its Sunday and Sunday means more time with God. You know that subtle feeling you get when you see your crush, yes! That one, it has to triple when its time to be in GOD’s presence of God. Don’t see worshiping him as a chore you  have to cross out from your to do list because he is way more than that.


I went back there,

to the place i swore off.

With shaky hands i dug out the keys,

with desperation, i unlocked the doors.

Still feels the same,

nothing has changed.

Thought i could flee


You know how you feel so guilty and ashamed when you do something wrong or how you feel so disappointed in yourself after going back to a habit you promised yourself  to never go back to, especially when it’s the 20th time you are breaking the same promise. Sometimes many of us just decide to continue with it because we believe we can’t let go of it, so we give up and get comfortable with it.

Sin is the same way, many times it’s not always about the sin we commit, but our attitude after we sin. The devil can be so tricky that he feeds more on your faith when you sin, he makes you feel bad about yourself and fills you with self guilt so rather than asking God for forgiveness we run away from God’s presence due to the fact that we believe we are unworthy of him,  and believe we do not have the right to pray.

We forget about God’s grace and mercies 2CORINTHIANS :9 says “…My grace is sufficient for you [My lovingkindness and My mercy are more than enough-always available- regardless of the situation]; for[My] power is being perfected [and is completed and shows itself most effectively] in your weakness”….. We forget that Jesus has died for our sins and all we have to do is confess our sins. Ask God for strength and ask him to walk with you in every area of your life.

 He is our father and his love is deeper than the love our parent has for us and if they can forgive us anytime we disappoint them why won’t God do the same when his love for us is greater than theirs.  So therefore don’t be too ashamed to talk to him, never let your weakness draw you apart from him. Ask him for strength and ask him to walk with you in every area of your life.  Don’t dwell in your sin.



The unwanted friend

Accompany with anxiety

welcomes us with opposite smiles,

and questionable peace,

luring us tenderly to defeat,

Defeat seems alluring.

But giving up is unfair

both to you and your pain.

its time to taste the feeling of fighting back

its time to taste control

You deserve more than letting go

You deserve your life.


Hello!!!! 👋

so I’ve decided to give myself another chance in the word of writing!💃 after coming to the realisation that I can’t run from doing what I love and i love writing,I love to pen down my preoccupations about life in general, therefore talkwitabby will be all about the general life stuff, or maybe more than that🤭 because trust me,this mind can go more than I stretch it so expect the relationships talk somedays, the motivational and inspirational talk somedays and the Godly talk every day ,I mean, I love God too much not to😌and I believe he has so much to say through me🤭so here we go. I’m going to be writing without filter and just going to go for it!.

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